Managing add-on product and F&I risk in today's regulatory environment demands a closer analysis of product value, internal product program and vendor management processes and point of sale procedures.
FNI managed product solutions are vetted, implemented and managed for maximum performance and profitability with minimum risk.
FNI Protection Product Compliance Services are included with FNI managed products at no additional cost.
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Vehicle Service Contracts


Arguably the most valuable add-on product available for auto, motorcycle and truck finance, vehicle service contracts are the ultimate win-win-win option. With the right product provider and coverage options, VSCs protect consumers' investment in a vehicle and prevent unexpected budget busting repair bills.  Equally valuable to vehicle finance providers and dealers, VSCs protect a financial institution's interest in the vehicle (prevent repos and dimunition of collateral value based on mechanical breakdowns), create good will and repeat business for dealers, and increase profitability for both finance providers and dealers.


There's a lot to think about in choosing a service contract provider in today's regulatory environment.  


The VSC industry has a long, mixed history of successes and failures, and pitfalls abound for the unwary in the selection of a service contract partner. With decades of inside-industry experience, FNI managed product solutions provide certainty of not only product administrator financial security and commitment to consumer protection compliance, but long term corporate stability and the most experienced and consumer friendly claims administration.

Guaranteed Asset Protection ("GAP") waivers are another win-win-win for consumers, dealers and vehicle finance providers. Offering financial protection from vehicle loan deficiency balances in the event of a total loss, GAP is in high demand by consumers and an all but standard offering in vehicle finance transactions.


On the face of it, GAP seems like a black-and-white, commodity type product. But guess again: GAP contract administration benefit calculation and qualification terms vary, and limitations on payouts are common.  Customers who are sold a product that "pays the difference between what they owe and what their insurance company settles for" can be surprised and disappointed to find that underlying calculation requirements or contract limitations have left "GAPS" unpaid. For finance providers, consumer surprises and disappointments can mean consumer complaints and unwanted regulatory attention.


FNI GAP partners offer the richest consumer benefits and an affordable price point = high value and low risk.

Specialty Programs

With years of product development experience and access to finance-experienced administrators and insurers, FNI provides custom designed and specialty consumer benefit programs for financial institutions and consumer finance companies. 

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